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How can you tell your exhausts needs repairing?

There's one very obvious way to tell if your exhaust needs repairing - it makes a louder noise. Don't let it reach the point where your neighbours run for cover when you start your car in the morning. The warning signs of a worn exhaust system however may not always be so obvious. A warn-out exhaust system will affect your car's performance so have your car's exhaust system checked regularly by a specialist such as Dandy Exhausts.

What about Catalytic Convertors?
When it comes to replacing your vehicles Catalytic Converter, Dandy Exhausts can save you a hefty amount of money over any prices quoted by dealers. We stock most OEM replacement mufflers and catalytic converters which allows us to do the job (in most cases) while-you-wait.

Why is suspension so vital to your car's performance?
One function of your car's suspension is to provide a smooth, comfortable ride even when you're on a bumpy road. However your suspensions most important job is to keep all four tyres in firm contact with the road so that steering, driving and braking systems function effectively.

There are many parts working together to ensure your car's suspension is doing it's job. Shock absorbers (or struts) and springs are the main parts. However it's important that other parts, including ball joints, tie rod ends and suspension bushes are all in good condition. If any of these parts are worn your suspension system becomes ineffective. For example, just one worn shock absorber means you may need up to 2.6 metres longer to stop. That could mean the difference between stopping safely or crashing with another vehicle or worse still injuring or killing a pedestrian!

How can I tell if my shocks or struts are worn?
Here is a list of some of the things that can occur when your shock absorbers or struts are worn. If any of these happen to you it's time to get them replaced:
  • Car dips forward when braking
  • Tyres show evidence of unusual tread wear
  • Shock absorbers are leaking fluid
  • Car doesn't handle properly around corners

Performance Modifications Table
The following table shows exhaust systems for various types of vehicles and the subsequent Power Increase they may produce:



Power Increase


XR6 Turbo

Full system available

35 + kW @ wheels

XR6 Turbo Ute

Full system available

35+ KW


Full system available

25+ kW


Gen3 Holdens

Full exhaust package includes
Pacemaker extractors, Catco
hi flow cats twin 2 exhaust

40 kW

VS-VY v6

Full exhaust package includes
Pacemaker extractors, Catco
hi flow cat single 2 exhaust

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VN-VR v6

Full exhaust package includes
Pacemaker extractors, Catco
hi flow cat single 2 exhaust

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200SX S13

CES Racing Twin Dump Pipe with S.S. heat insert. Choice of performance Ceramic coatings + full 3" system
(mild steel or stainless option).
Resonator and polished
S.S. Muffler & tip.
Optional K&N Filter/Adaptor.

30 kW

200SX S14

32 kW

200SX S14a

35 kW

200SX S15

46 kW

GTiR Nissan

Twin Dump Pipe, Intermediate
pipe work up to cat converter.

Good gains

R32 GTS-t

CES Racing twin dump pipe
and full 3" system

20 kW

R33 GTS-t & R34 GTT

CES Racing twin dump pipe
and full 3" system

24 kW

R32, R33, and R34 GTR

Pair of twin dump pipes
[plus "Y" piece] and 3" system

50 kW


Twin dump pipes only

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All Nissan Models

Intercooler system

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3 dump pipe and full 3" exhaust
system [includes resonator and
catalytic converter] with polished stainless muffler and tip

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20 kW @ wheels


22 kW @ wheels


22 kW @ wheels


20 kW@ wheels


34 kW @ wheels


28 kW @ wheels

2004 WRX

37.5 kW increase


40 kW increase

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